Champions Assessment Instructions

The Champions Assessment is timed and must be completed in one session.  Please set aside up to 45 minutes to complete the assessment and position yourself in a quiet area where you will not be distracted.  After you provide some background information, you can start taking the assessment. This survey has two parts.

The First Section asks you questions about your opinions and preferences. It is important that you answer exactly what you think and usually your first response is the most accurate. Work quickly so your answers will be more natural.   There is no right or wrong answer for these questions.

The Second Section has questions where there is a right answer for each question so do your best to select the right answer.

More detail on the first section

Remember there is no wrong answer,  so work quickly and be open when expressing your thoughts and opinions. Most questions end with two options like in the example below:


I prefer a snack that is…  A) sweet or B) salty

Mostly A
Fairly A
Slightly A
Slightly B
Fairly B
Mostly B

You can respond “Mostly A”, meaning you’d always or definitely choose a sweet snack. If you respond “Mostly A”, it means you usually pick a sweet snack  and if you respond “Slightly A”, it means that you’d rather have a sweet snack just a bit more than a salty snack.  The same would apply for the similarly worded B responses.  The point of the question is to tell us if you prefer salty or sweet and how strong your preference is for one over the other.

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